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The Dildo song! - Fumbling through your dresser drawer
Forgot what I was looking for
The Dildo song!
The Dildo song!

What rolls down stairs
Alone or in pairs,
And makes a buzzity sound

It's long, a schlong
A marvelous dong
Everyone knows it's dildo

What fits in a sock
Feels better then cock
And unlike a man, it's slow.

It vibrates a bit
Feels great on your clit
Everyone knows it's dildo!

It's dildo, it's dildo
It's big, it's fleshy, it's ribbed
It's dildo, it's dildo!
Yes that's right, it's ribbed.

What fits in your crack
Some even have sacks,
The penis you don't have to blow

They're not just for gays,
They use double A's
Everyone knows it's dildo!

A dildo-dog
A dildo-plane
Many more vibrating toys.

You turn the knob
They buzz and throb,
Feels great in girls and boys.

What makes you cum?
And fits in your bum
Some of them even can glow

A dink a dink
In marvellous pink
Everyone knows it's dildo!

A long fleshy tube
Use an oil based lube
Not just for neighboorhood ho's.

For a girl on the go
With no time for a beau,
It makes for a perfect fellow

They're dildos, they're dildos,
The sex toys that everyone likes
They're dildos, they're dildos,
For gay men and even for dykes!

Tell me how to feel: cheerful cheerful
Running through my head: The Dildo song!

1 pitcher steamed try to steam some milk?
moonmistress From: moonmistress Date: June 28th, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow. That is truly a work of art.
1 pitcher steamed try to steam some milk?