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Last night..... - Fumbling through your dresser drawer
Forgot what I was looking for
Last night.....
"... she said, oh baby don't feel so down."

Last night was a complete blast.

Tiffany, Will and I went to Wal-Mart, where Will bought a 1:4 replica of a Jeep Wrangler RC car, for fifty bucks. It was hysterical. I spent like 90 bucks, but it was all on stuff for my vacation. I'm so excited to go, four more shifts at work. This time next week, I'll be in New York.

Back to last night. So, Tiffany, Will, Dorrinda, Kira, Chris and I all went bowling. It was so much fun. After that, we went to the Elephant Bar. I volunteered to be Designated Dan, and the girls got trashed. Will had to go pick up Louie at the airport, and Chris had to go pick up his daughter. The waiter tried giving me an alcoholic drink without carding me, and we thought it was pretty funny, even though Dorrinda and I said "Non-alcoholic" like, twice each when I ordered it. Chris didnt realize what was wrong until I flat out told him, "I can't drink, I'm not twenty-one and I'm driving the girls home." It was a really fun night, even though Kira and Dorrinda got into a little argument when we got back to Tiffany's.

My friends are awesome.

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